Advanced Stats for Basketball

March 8, 2008

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My name is Eli Witus. I am a diehard Detroit Pistons fan. My favorite Piston is Rip Hamilton because he plays with maximum effort and energy on both ends of the court.

I have little formal statistical training, but I do have a BA in philosophy from the University of Chicago and a JD from Harvard Law School, neither of which have ever been put to any profitable use.

I have done some statistical work in the past for the Denver Nuggets and Dean Oliver, their Director of Quantitative Analysis.

My introduction to advanced basketball statistics came from a Rob Neyer article from the early days of ESPN SportsZone, back when he used to write about more than just baseball. In the article he came up with an NBA player rating system that, if memory serves, ranked Bo Outlaw as the best player in the league. I’d like to think we’ve come a long way since those days, but to borrow the epigraph from the greatest philosophical work of all time, “Progress tends to appear greater than it really is.”

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